Chiropractic Works

“I had no idea just how life-changing my journey into alignment with Doctor Jacob would be!”

Tony S

Improve Your Overall Health With Chiropractic Care

“Visiting this office on a regular basis for spinal maintenance will be a part of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

April M

Chiropractic Care For The Community

“IS Chiro is a center for collaborative community programs and outreach that continues to bring interesting people together!”

Barbara H.

More Great Feedback!

“Dr. Jacob is a very talented chiropractor. He provides very precise and effective chiropractic care with compassion and makes you feel very comfortable with the whole process.”

Brielle T

“I had migraines once a week, at least and sometimes they would last a few days. I no longer have this happen!”

Aurora W

“I use to suffer from bad menstrual periods and extreme back pain. Now I don’t suffer from either one. I had a nutrition consultation with both Doctors and I have dropped 30 pounds and counting and feel better than ever.”

Dorian M

“As a health practitioner myself, I am impressed by their holistic approach to treating subluxations, their desire to help their patients achieve balance in mind, body, and spirit.”

Julie B

“My 4 1/2-year-old son loves going to see them every week for adjustments! He is a very happy, healthy, and well-adjusted boy and I contribute it all to their chiropractic care!”

Charlene S

“I am healthier, have less pain, and overall just feel better. I first came in because I was in pain, and my trainer recommended them, but now enjoy receiving regular care to maintain my body.”

Joe G

“After my first adjustment, I realized how much unnecessary stress and pressure I had, but had just gotten used to. Over the last several months I have seen significant improvements in my lower back and neck. I feel more comfortable engaging in all the activities I love.”

Carlen Y